Spider Bites

Hey all,

I woke up this morning after dreaming about some pretty weird stuff, as per usual. I thought maybe I had a spider bite on my wrist, but I think my skin is just dry. I have been bitten by spiders before in my sleep, at least I think they’re spiders, they could probably be other bugs, not bed bugs though. Anyway, I got to thinking about Spider-Man and how cool it would be to be him. I really enjoyed The Amazing Spider-Man movie, Andrew Garfield is pretty attractive and Emma Stone is just awesome. I don’t really understand why, after walking into a room full of spiders and their webs, you would touch anything, but of course Peter Parker did and look where that got him. If I were a superhero I would probably be Wolverine, just because he fits my personality better than most others. Batman would be my first choice, or I guess Batwoman in this case, but still, you get my drift. Catwoman would also be an acceptable alter-ego, even though I’m not sure if she’s a villain or hero. 

***Spoiler alert for the MTV show, Awkward***

Speaking of heroes and villains, I have recently started to watch Awkward. I don’t like some of the content, but I still find myself drawn to it. There was a recent episode where Jenna had to write a paper about heroes and villains. There’s a lot of dynamics that go into the making, sustaining, and eventual downfall of heroes and villains, which makes me think I should read more comic books so I can delve into that world.

But what about heroes and villains in our lives? Are they people we come into contact with? Are they higher powers that have control over the masses? What would a hero look like in our world? What would a villain look like in our world? Some would argue that those who serve in the military, police force, firefighters, and any others I have not thought of, are heroes in our world. What makes them heroes though? Selfless acts? Protecting innocent lives? 

Don’t you think everyone has the opportunity to be a hero or villain in their story? Maybe it wouldn’t be so epic as the comics make it out to be, but I think it’s something everyone has to choose. Or are they merely the citizens?

I don’t really know. I hope you guys enjoyed!



P.S. “You love me; real or not real?”


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