My name is M and I’m addicted to dinosaur chicken nuggets and Syfy movies.


That about sums up an average day in my life. And you know what? I’m happy about it. It’s good to settle down to a good book, let out the inner child, and laugh at ridiculous people run around to defeat some kind of monster. Of course I don’t actually do this every day, I would get bored and irritable, but as an introvert quiet days are very important to me. But seriously, who doesn’t like dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets?! Or Arthur mac and cheese? That one’s a little more odd though since it’s only Arthur’s head, and you sort of feel bad for eating his head. 

Can I just say that I think most people, if put in a movie that aired on the Syfy channel, would actually survive? Or maybe I’m wrong and people are that stupid. There’s a reason we have a fight or flight response, and that reason is called SURVIVAL. You would think getting away from a scary monster would be easier, but maybe not. Who knows? Fortunately most of the things in these movies don’t exist, such as Sharknados, the Lochness monster, underwater vampires, sharktopus, and so on. I do get a laugh out of the idiocy of the movies. Now, I’m not one for blood and gore in movies, unless it actually has a point and would be a bad movie without it, but blood in some movies is laughable because it’s so fake and the acting is so terribly cheesy. Basically I really enjoy watching movies on the Syfy channel, and one of my best Wal-Mart (boo) purchases was a $10 set of 50 “classic” scifi movies. 

There’s no deep thinking in my brain today, except what I’m reading, and that just seems to heavy to be writing about right before bed. I do think it is important to be yourself though, and even if it’s nerdy or weird, if you enjoy it, do it. You are who matters, not the people you’re trying to impress, if they’re worth it, they’ll love you the way you are.



P.S. I sent A, the internet guy, the excerpt from “Desperation is not a good color on me”, as well as the link, almost needless to say, I haven’t heard back. People are awesome aren’t they? I know I am! Too bad he’s missing out…


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