Bone Structure

What is the first thing that attracts you to a person? It’s completely different for everyone, and it’s amazing what different people like. Can I just say that James Marsden has excellent bone structure (I’m watching 27 Dresses)? My mom often ponders how humans can all have the same basic features, eyes, lips, mouth, nose, etc., but we can look so different. I agree, it is astounding that there are countless variations in physical features. I honestly don’t know what initially attracts me to someone, it just sort of happens, and sometimes, it sucks, because that person isn’t someone you should be involved with.

Yep, I’m still stuck on that. Although I am currently throwing myself into wedding planning since I am my best friend’s maid of honor, so that definitely helps. Being busy and building a life of my own in the best combatant for the creeping suspicion that it’s me and not the jerky guys I pick to be involved with. Thus far I think I’m doing an okay job of creating my own life. I’m in school, I have a job, I have an internship, and I’m headed for a life that God has waiting for me. I honestly have no idea what I will be doing after college, but I trust that someone else does and it will be the right thing for me. I have learned over the years that if I have my way, it doesn’t work out so great if God isn’t in the decision and doesn’t support it, it’s a lesson I’m clearly still learning. 

I think later I will blog about faith, as well as love, in a lot more depth, but I don’t really feel like it now. I am very excited about the one about love though because it will mostly involve books I’ve read, and I love reading, and I love talking about great books! I’m also excited about the faith one, though less so because I am much less sure of that. Currently I’m reading Blue Like Jazz, which is very interesting, it’s about God, and it has a lot of interesting stories and conclusions within it. I’m also reading The Sight, by David Clement-Davies, which will be followed (for the 4th or 5th time) by Fell. Anyway, I will be writing about books later! 

Also, if you’ve seen He’s Just Not That Into You, could you tell me whether it’s true that if a guy wants to be with you, he will make it happen? Just curious, since I want to get back into the dating game. I sound so old sometimes.



P.S. Godiva makes Creme Brulee chocolate truffles, and they are AMAZING, just thought you ought to know.


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