Strawberry Chapstick

You know what’s hard to find? Other than true love of course. Strawberry chapstick.

I don’t know why I like strawberry chapstick so much, but I do, it’s so much better than all the others. I just love the subtle hint of strawberry, not overpowering, and not so much that if I bite my lips I taste it much, but just purely strawberry. I don’t like the cherry chapstick (sorry Katy Perry, but um, no.), nor any of the other variations, other than just plain chapstick. Yep, it’s either plain or strawberry. I wonder what our chapstick choices say about us… Plain: I stick to classics and what I’m comfortable with. Strawberry: I like my kisses to taste good. Cherry: I kissed a girl and I liked it. Medicated: My poor lips are so chapped! Apple: Um, I bought this on accident. I’m joking, I have no idea what people are thinking when they pick out what they like, except me, and I’m thinking, “What?! They have strawberry! I can NEVER find this!”. It’s really great when I find strawberry chapstick. It’s almost silly how much I enjoy strawberry chapstick. But what if I do like my kisses to taste good?! What if that subtle hint of strawberry is just enough to make that person remember me?

Sometimes I will make sure I’m wearing a certain scent around someone to see if I can get them to associate that smell with me. I’ve tried to wear Japanese Cherry Blossom every time I’ve seen T, just so when he smells that he thinks of the quiet, sarcastic, funny, quirky girl who went to see Jurassic Park in 3D with him. I also make sure I wear more flowery scents when I know I will be around men I don’t want smelling the muskier scents I like to wear. Unfortunately, citrus is completely out, because for some reason my body chemistry and the scent mix to smell a bit like vomit, though no one else seems to think so. Musky is more my kind of scent, but not too musky. Currently my car smells like man because I have one of those scent things from Bath & Body Works, it’s mahogany something or other. Can’t you just hear Effie Trinket saying, “That is mahogany!!!”? So musky or flowery is what works for me, sometimes a mix of both, for all of you who were wondering what scents are my favorite.

Hope you guys enjoyed my rant about chapstick and scents!



P.S. Sometimes I wonder how men who actually get to know me (difficult task since I have issues letting people in) don’t fall in love with me. I understand I have flaws and quirks and whatnot, but I’m me, and I like me.


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