A Circle’s Round

It has no end, that’s how long I want to be your friend. Make new friends, but keep the old, one is silver and the other’s gold. 

Ah, the days when I was a Girl Scout, how adorable I was back then! Actually, I think I’m still adorable, but I don’t have gappy teeth or pigtails anymore. What is a silver friend? And what is a gold friend? I really don’t know, but when you think about the people in your life, you understand what it means. I think my best friend, J, would be my silver friend, the friend I’ve known since 2nd grade, the one who witnessed all my best and worst moments, who put up with me, who is tried and true, and will always be there for me. Supposedly, if a friendship last for over seven years, it’ll last a lifetime, well, in that case, I will definitely have my silver friend around for the rest of my life, which will just be freaking awesome. So J is the friend who was with me when we learned that song, and will be with me when we both get old enough to finally forget it! But who would the gold friend be? I think gold friends might be the new ones, at least in my life, the new, shiny person in my life, who I’m still getting to know and may or may not form a lasting relationship with. Camp friends are gold friends I think, depending on the person. M and my twin are somewhere between silver and gold because I’ve known M for a long time, but she was my counselor at some point, so not so much my friend as a mentor, and now she is both. My twin, on the other hand, was someone I just instantly bonded with (we even talk to each other in our sleep!) and we are insanely alike, she’s not actually my twin, if some of you are still wondering. 

So take a moment, in this holiday season of blessings and cheer, to think about who your silver and gold friends are, and those friends that you want to spend a lifetime knowing.



P.S. I LOVE Honey Mustard Pretzels. What is it about those things that makes them so good?!


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