What doesn’t kill you makes you… Stranger?

A, the internet guy, finally texted me again. He asked if I hated him. He also told me that the reason he decided to talk to me again was because I’m cute. Well, I can’t argue that I’m not cute, because I think I am, but really??? If you’ve ever seen the Swan Princess you know what happens next… I asked him if that was all, and he simply responded with, “nope”. At least I didn’t have to tell him that he should write a book called, “How to Offend a Woman in Five Syllables or Less”. Anywho, so now I’ve decided to not chase him, because I don’t chase guys. Call me old fashioned, but I want to be wooed by someone who actually cares about me. Besides, I don’t think I could be with someone who doesn’t highly value each and every thing about me, including my personality, my brain, and my looks. Is that too much to ask for? Apparently.

Also, I think I need to start differentiating between all the people in my life who end up making into my blog, because I have several A’s in my life, as well as M’s. But I haven’t figured out how yet, and I’m not feeling creative right now, so we’ll see.

I think life does make us stranger in some ways. But I have yet to figure out what “strange” and “normal” are. I’m not sure I want to be either. Let’s be individuals, but also a community. We are stronger with other people in our lives. We should have our own separate, autonomous lives, but I think we’re meant to be around people.

Now that I have not completed a real thought, I think I’ll be done for the night. Stay strong, my friends, don’t let those naysayers and jerkfaces get you down. You are you, and you are awesome!



P.S. My relationship with guys and cheese is very similar, I love them, but they make me feel like crap. I always end up coming back though, but mostly only for the cheese, because who can live without cheese?


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