I buy pajama pants I find in the men’s section.


Their pants have pockets, a lot of women’s pajama pants don’t have pockets, why is that? I love having pockets! So today I bought a pair of fuzzy, warm pants that I found in the men’s section, because they have pockets, though I will have to hem them since I’m short. It would also be great if women’s jeans had bigger pockets, I mean really, you can’t fit much in there, maybe some gum and a bit of money, but not much. Dresses with pockets are also amazing, I can’t even start to describe how excited I get when I find a dress with pockets. I even just recently made a dress with pockets! It’s awesome! Why do people think that women don’t need pockets as much as men? Yeah, I know we have purses, but honestly if I didn’t have to drag around particular feminine products, I wouldn’t carry a purse. Guys can fit so much in their pockets, why can’t I have that level of awesomeness?! Why do our pants have to be too tight to be able to have big pockets? Guys should try that sometime. Let’s have a world-wide, or at least nation-wide, Opposite Sex Day like we had for Spirit Week in high school. I’m not sure it should be world-wide because I’m pretty sure this is one of those first world problems. For those of you who didn’t have an Opposite Sex Day, I’m sorry, you were sort of missing out, it’s disturbingly entertaining. I always used my brother’s clothes to dress up on that day, and one year one of my friends saw me driving my car and she said that for a minute she thought that some guy had stolen it. So yeah, it’s sort of fun, and I got big pockets!!! It was very exciting, just for that reason. I understand that women’s jeans are generally tighter than men’s, but why do pajama pants have to be different? 

Anyway, a pocket rant is always awesome.



P.S. I was with my mom today and we went to see Frozen (which is a PG movie), the guy at the ticket counter had to ask me how old I was, he was embarrassed when I told him I’m in my early twenties. 


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