My blog is more popular than my online dating profile.

True story. I don’t actually know if it’s more popular or not, but it certainly seems like it. There is significantly less pressure to blog than to try and create the perfect online dating profile. I figured out that’s why I’ve enjoyed blogging so much, there’s no pressure and everything is completely anonymous. I don’t have to be pretty, or Christian, or smart, or funny, or whatever else to blog and have it read. I am just me. Now, some of those are true of me, but it doesn’t matter. I blog for me, just to get out all the random, silly, aggravating thoughts I have on a daily basis out of my head. It’s superbly irritating to be rejected online as well as in person, and sort of sad. Really? What is it about me that is so objectionable to you? Whatever. People be crazy. So yeah, I enjoy blogging, and I’m so glad those of you who read my posts do. I really appreciate any and all support I get. If you guys have never listened to Under Pressure by Queen, you totally should. 

In other news, I had to sew the fly shut on those pajama pants I bought the other day. I was feeling particularly lazy, so I tried to do it while wearing them, needless to say, it didn’t work out too well, but hey, at least I didn’t end up in the hospital. I was also watching Annie during this endeavor. I had never realized how sinister the plot to pretend to be Annie’s parents was, I knew they meant they were going to kill her, but apparently the times I’ve watched it before, the message hadn’t sunk in. It’s scary that people think like that. I mean, sometimes I want to punch people because they’re super aggravating, but really, you’re gonna kill a little girl? It is a good movie overall though, and I enjoy musicals, so that’s always fun. I do want to try that roasted corn now, although I’m not sure how much different it would be from corn on the cob. 



P.S. Don’t be one of those crazies who does last minute shopping on Christmas Eve, that’s scary.


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