Who are your angels?

I went to the Christmas Eve service at my church tonight, and the pastor brought up angels, which makes sense since (wow, tired brain was confused by that) they play a part in the Christmas story. She posed the question, “what if when you’re driving home tonight and a host of angels appeared?” Well, that is a very tough question. I don’t even know if we would recognize it for what it was, and if we did I think we would be terrified. I know that I would have no idea what to do. I can’t even fathom what that would be like! So I pose her question to you, and would like you to think about what that would be like and what you would do.

Now, to one of her other points, she asked us to think about who are the angels in our lives, and who we have been angels to. Since she asked the group to go home and think about this, I’m doing my thinking now, with all of you reading my blog. I don’t really know how to define the word “angels” in my life. Are they people who take care of me? Or love me? Or those strangers who are randomly amazing? Would my mom be an angel? She’s definitely someone who loves me enough to make me think that I understand how God feels about me, but is she one of my angels? Is the man who helped me carry a very heavy package to my car an angel to me? Maybe those friends who put up with my whining about being single are my angels. Or maybe those people who just randomly make my day with the simplest of comments. When have I been an angel to someone? I don’t know. Maybe when I made sure that one of my client’s would have Christmas by getting his mom gift cards yesterday even though I wanted the whole week off. Or maybe when I made sure I was the one who picked my friend up from the airport when he got back from Afghanistan. Is it forgiving people that have hurt me? Or giving food to the homeless? Or holding the door for an elderly woman? What makes me someone’s angel? I don’t know, you tell me, you know I’m very hard on myself sometimes. Just something to think about as we end Christmas Eve and go into Christmas day.

Merry Christmas everyone! My thoughts and prayers go out to all of you who are hurting, or alone, or just not too happy in this season, you guys are great and I hope you have a good day in spite of whatever is going on with you.



P.S. I think about taking up boxing, but I don’t want to get hit back, because that just doesn’t sound fun.



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