I go to the movies by myself.

What’s wrong with that? Nothing.

I saw Frozen, again, tonight, by myself, just because. I don’t understand people’s aversion to going to movies alone. I know it’s more fun when you’re with someone, unless it’s that person who comments on everything wrong, or has no concept of whispering, but still. Why can’t we go to movies by ourselves? It’s a movie, that we’re watching, and hopefully not talking through, so really company is not necessary. I played Never Have I Ever with a Christian group on my campus (turned out they were sorta sketchy and weird) once and someone said, “Never have I ever gone to the movies by myself,” and I was the only person in that room of about 15 people who had ever gone to the movies by myself. Honestly, it sort of hurt that I was the only one who had gone to the movies alone. I didn’t dwell on it though, and I haven’t seen a movie by myself in awhile, but I think there’s something liberating about it, at least for me. There’s a sense of strength in it, and a sense of anonymity, and I just enjoy it sometimes. Sometimes I don’t have anyone to go with me to a movie, and I’m okay with that.

So next time you want to see a movie and all your friends are busy or whatever, go by yourself, just to experience it. Unless, of course, you want to use that for Never Have I Ever.



P.S. I like Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus. I’m terribly disturbed by the music video, but I like the song. 


One thought on “I go to the movies by myself.

  1. lol I just started going to the movies by myself this year. I don’t like the looks I get before the movie starts but I get much more into the movie when it starts. I only miss people to comment on previews with. Otherwise, I just drift into the story, especially with movies that aren’t just popcorn flicks.

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