Wait, what?

I don’t know what’s going on.

You’ve read about my love life, and my social life, and everything else, well not everything, but a lot about me, so you should know that I don’t know what’s going on. 

My best friend is great! We’re going whale-watching for my birthday, which is awesome! My dad told me to make sure I take some medication for motion sickness, and then I mentioned to my mom that it’s ironic that if I get sick on the boat, I’ll still be throwing up on my 21st birthday, but instead of alcohol it will have been from adventure and some waves. I don’t plan on getting drunk enough to throw up, but you never know. 

All this talk of turning 21 brings me to one of my close friends, who is turning 21 tomorrow. According to Facebook, she’s going out for a drink with her coworkers, even though there are about 3 hours until her official birthday. I worry about her, I don’t think the relationships she has with the people around her are very healthy, though I wouldn’t know because she doesn’t text me very much anymore, nor do we see each other often. There’s something wrong with the fact that when people turn 21, they have to party away the night and not remember any of it because of all the alcohol they’ve had. I don’t know… Am I enabling her by not showing my full concern?

And now to that love life thing. Guess who texted me today? T, that guy I had a huge crush on who is now dating someone else, though I haven’t figured out who. Guess what I did today? Mostly nothing, but I also exchanged several emails with someone else who I met on the dating site. He seems nice, but so did A, and now funnily enough, his name starts with a B. I’ve also been exchanging Facebook messages with that guy I have a mutual friend with, and his name starts with a C, no joke. Realizing that tonight, I literally laughed out loud. So anyway, the last time T texted me, was when I was still talking to A. It’s like he knows when there might be a possible love interest in my life, and it freaks me out. Sometimes I worry about being paranoid, but I also don’t believe in coincidence. OH! I didn’t finish my point with M and R, which I promised I would, so here it is! I saw R at the county fair this summer, with his wife and child, I avoided him, but that night when I checked Facebook, I had a message from M. Isn’t that odd? What are the chances of that?

So yeah, that’s what’s going on with me, if you guys care. I was going to ponder The Little Mermaid tonight, but then I got on Facebook and needed to vent a little bit, so thank you for reading. 



P.S. I have more pairs of sweat pants and pajama pants (A.K.A. comfy pants) than I do of jeans.


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