Could you?

If you were in Ariel’s situation, could you get your true love to kiss you within three days?

I don’t know if I could. I think there should be a modern take on The Little Mermaid, sort of like how Leonardo DiCaprio was in the modern Romeo and Juliet, now that movie was super weird. So why not do a modern day take on The Little Mermaid? I think that would be a little more feasible in some ways. Ariel is crazy for wanting to live in the human world when she gets to swim around where ever she wants. There are no walls or ceilings in the ocean! You can swim out the top of the castle, what are you crying about?! At least if it were set in this time, she could covet the technology have. She won’t have anything like a laptop or a smart phone, and what about cars? Her mind would be blown. “I want feet so I can operate one of those contraptions.” Sorry guys, I’m not creative enough to come up with words like “snarfblat” or “dinglehopper”. I would be more jealous of technology than anything else. I’m sure she could get someone to kiss her in three days, especially if she washed up on the beach in nothing but that ratty old tarp thing in the movie. Oh man, the possibilities for a movie like that are endless.

So, I’ll leave you lovely people who read my blog to imagine a modern day situation where a mermaid falls in love with a handsome someone or other, and wants to give up her tail to be a human, because that’s fun to think about!



P.S. I have Christmas robot wrapping paper.