Maybe there’s a reason I get mistaken for a 12-year-old.

I was just singing Do You Wanna Build a Snowman to my mom when she told me that a Frozen sing-along movie is going to be out in theaters. Oh. My. Goodness. I cannot tell you how exciting that is! After singing along to the soundtrack in my car for days and weeks on end, I can join other people who love it as much as I do?!? We’ll see if I actually end up going, but still, this is super exciting. I’ve never heard of anything like that before, so I might actually try to go!

Really, that’s all I have to blog about unless I complain about the weather or work or how blood oranges creep me out. Seriously, blood oranges freak me out, because oddly enough, they actually look blood red, and maybe it would be better if they didn’t have that name, but also maybe not, who knows? They’re weird and super red, but pretty tasty. So yeah, that is my life at the moment, not too much going on that needs to be blogged about. I got invited to the party where they’ll be screening the second episode of Firefly, so I’m excited about that, I’ll be able to see my new friend again. We’re both pretty busy with school and stuff, so I haven’t seen her since the last party. This time I can drink, though I’m not likely to, so that’s interesting. You know how after you throw up you’re sort of put off from whatever food it was that you threw up even though you know it’s not the cause of it? Yeah, that’s how I feel about alcohol at the moment. I also can’t eat cashews, chili cheese Fritos, or orange soda. The combination of chili cheese Fritos and orange soda is gross enough when you’re eating it, it’s worse when it comes back up. I also have a no seafood in Nebraska policy, which is pretty strict. Both times I have eaten seafood in Nebraska I have thrown up, so I don’t eat seafood there any more, not that I’m there a lot, or ever really, but still. 

The more you know!



P.S. My name is M, I’m a college student, and I kill trees. Seriously, I print so many papers and online lectures and whatnot, I need to figure out the best way to recycle it all is. 


A world without music.

I’m sure there are a billion other things with that same title, but hey, I can only be so creative. Did you know that if you’re tired or slightly tipsy it’s easier to be creative because both of those lower inhibitions and let your brain get past all those things that block creativity? You should pay attention to that next time you’re tired, there is actually a difference, at least in my brain there is. I can’t say whether alcohol makes me more creative or not, I think it mostly makes me tired, but not the creative-tired, just tired. Anyway, that was a whole different topic than I started with. I was listening to the Frozen soundtrack in the car today, I’ve done that a lot lately, and I realized that there’s a whole lot of music in movies that I don’t pay attention to. I don’t know if I’m the only one who doesn’t notice most of the music in movies unless it has lyrics, but that’s how my brain works. There are only 9 or 10 songs on the soundtrack that have people singing, the rest of the 32 songs are all instrumental. Listening to those instrumental songs though, I can feel the emotions that I felt during the movie, and I can tell what part of the movie they were in because of how they sound and how much tension and gaiety are in them. I didn’t notice the music during the movie, but driving I was able to feel how much would’ve been left out if those songs hadn’t been in the movie. Now, I’m not musical at all, I can play the singing bowl and that’s about it, so I’m not any sort of music critic or great at picking out certain instruments or anything like that, I mean I missed the majority of the Frozen soundtrack during the movie, and didn’t notice it until I bought the actual soundtrack and listened to it. I can’t imagine the world without music, and those who are talented in that area, so I’m not going to even try, because it would be devastating. So thank you, those of you who can sing, play instruments, and write songs, because the world would be empty without you. 

Sometimes when I’m having a problem I like to evaluate it for it’s “first world problem” potential. I think that a world without music would be a problem for everyone, but where there’s a will, there’s a way, right? I’m pretty sure music will be around for a very long time, for which I am grateful, because there’s so much that can be conveyed through it.



P.S. I’ve never really liked cheesecake very much, so I’m glad my lactose intolerance gives me an excuse to not eat it without people giving me weird looks because they think I’m crazy.

Miracle Max got it wrong, the true purpose of life is to blog, not to bluff, and not true love.

I’m joking of course, but I like that title. I’m sorry I haven’t blogged for a few days. Friday night I went out for my 21st birthday with some of my classmates and my lovely friend A, who was so awesome about being my designated driver, especially since I was pretty intoxicated. He did say that for being as drunk as I was, I was actually pretty mellow. I’m very grateful that he was willing to be my DD, especially since he offered months in advance. I don’t want to drink that much again, ever really. I don’t understand how people can drink a lot on a regular basis, but I guess they’re less affected by it than I am. I had one drink called Angry Balls, that was a combination of beer and whiskey, which wasn’t too bad. Then some drunk girl hit on me and bought me some nasty raspberry shot, after she called me beautiful and hit the balloons tied to the back of my chair a few times, it was interesting. I also had a lemon drop shot, which wasn’t bad, and a blow job, which also wasn’t bad, although I don’t think my lactose intolerant self liked the whipped cream. And let me tell you, it is awkward when one of the party doesn’t know that a blow job is also the name of a drink! So on top of that one drink and those three shots, some guy decided to buy me something called a brave fire shot, I think that’s what it was, anyway, it burned, and not like alcohol burned, but like spicy burn, as well as alcohol burn, it was nasty. Needless to say after all that alcohol I threw up, fortunately I was at home by then so it wasn’t in my car or on anyone. I wasn’t terribly hung over the next day, but it definitely messed with me, and I don’t want to do that again anytime soon, because I don’t like that feeling at all, so I will stick with my Mike’s Hard Lemonade that is light and yummy and doesn’t result in a bruise on my chest from vomiting into a toilet, but now onto more pleasant things.

I went to the stock show yesterday with my mom. We had 8 pm rodeo tickets, so we didn’t get home until late and I needed to sleep. It was a good day with her though. We just wandered around the stock show and looked at all the interesting booths, we also made sure to go see the yaks; I’ve decided I want one, because they are cute, but I don’t think I could ever eat one, so it would be an awesome pet yak. Yep, that’s gonna happen someday. The rodeo was pretty cool too, we were in the second row! We did decide that’s a little too close to the arena and the floor, but it was really fun to experience. Some of the riders of the bucking animals got pretty close, which was scary, and yet cowboys are awesome, so it was also pretty cool. Have you ever noticed that women don’t try these things? It’s because we think with our heads, not our testosterone. I’m joking, for the guys who are reading this, I do think that men definitely have more of a macho image than women do, but I don’t think you guys don’t think. I do think that those guys are crazy, in an awesome, scary way. So yeah, I had fun. I can’t say I like the calf roping and tie down events, because those poor little cows seem so terrorized. Little cows are cute, big ones are not, but they sure are yummy!

I’m not sure how much I’ll be blogging now that school has started, but I will definitely try to keep up, but hey, you might get fewer, higher quality blogs this way.



P.S. People singing karaoke are still obnoxious when you’re drunk, unless they’re actually good, which most are not, especially since they are also drunk.

Well, that was quite beastly of you.

Have you seen Beastly? It’s an interesting movie, I mostly only watched it because I was curious, somewhat bored, and it has Neil Patrick Harris in it. I was thinking about it the other day, even though I watched it like a month ago, and I was wondering what would happen to me in that situation. In Beastly, he’s cursed for a year, but in Beauty and the Beast he has a lot more time, though in a decidedly more remote region, so I don’t know which would be better. 1 year to change, while in a thriving metropolis versus 10 (I think it was 10…) years, but in a remote castle that nobody actually seems to know about. I was always confused by that. If the villagers knew about the castle, it doesn’t seem like it, at least not until they learn about the beast and then they know exactly where it is. Anyway, just sort of an odd moment in the movie. I don’t think that I treat people as badly as the people in these stories do, but it’s still interesting to think about that situation. If I was turned into someone physically ugly and had a year, or ten, to reverse it by getting someone to love me for the person I am inside, could I? I’d like to think I could, I mean, I have friends and family, though in these movies it’s always a love interest, so that would be difficult for me. I guess it’s one of those things where true love saves someone, which is not realistic, unless we’re talking about Jesus, in that case, love does save us. As someone who’s conceited, it would be very hard for me to be unattractive, and I don’t know how I would do that and that is a terrible thought. Would I be a candidate for the witch that decides someone needs to be taught a lesson about love and beauty? I hope not, I strive to be nice to people in general, though I don’t succeed always. It’s surprisingly difficult to look at the ugly part of myself that highly values attractiveness. 



P.S. I bought the Frozen soundtrack today.

What does your life look like to me?

I was at work today, filing, as per usual, and I wondered what my life looks like to other people. I know they say that we only see the parts of other people’s lives that they want us to see, and in general that’s true, and they’re pretty good glimpses, which can be dangerous to compare our “behind the scenes” parts of our lives to.

So what does the stage of your life look like to other people? What do you present to people in person, on Facebook, on Twitter, on the phone, or anywhere else you frequent? 

My life probably looks pretty good. I have a job that pays fairly well for what I’m doing, I’m in my last semester of college (for now), my parents are still together, I have a decent car, I have an internship that’s full of good experiences, I go to church fairly regularly, I have an okay social life, I don’t have to pay rent, I’m fairly attractive (in my opinion) and overall my life is pretty good. I do agree that my life is pretty good, but people don’t see past the dazzling lights and clever, or maybe not so clever, facade that I put up. It’s always possible that they do, because let’s be honest, I have no control over my facial expressions and I don’t hide things well sometimes. So yeah, my life looks good on the outside, but I do struggle with things. I struggle with my “what ifs”, the fact that I have to become an adult sometime, whether I’m competent, what I need in my faith journey, what I don’t need in life, basically there’s a lot of internal stuff that happens in my mind, which is definitely a good thing. Now, struggle is definitely a natural thing, what really gets me though, is when I compare my life to other people’s. Oh, she’s engaged, and you’re single? Let’s feel bad about that. She has a full time job and is self-sufficient? What is wrong with you? Wow, she knows how to put on makeup and actually seem desirable to guys? Let’s try to fabricate that illusion, and yes, I do think on some level it is an illusion. So I have to remind myself of all the good things that go on in my life, which are numerous and I’ve started blogging about, as well as putting in a jar daily.  

So think about what your life looks like to everyone else and remember that you see their on stage show, while they see yours, so it’s not just you thinking that people have more glamorous, or exciting, or awesome lives than you. 



P.S. Tea is a very exciting part of my life. 

You’re too old for that stuff.

We hear this a lot, don’t we? We hear it about Legos and Disney movies, we also hear it about behaviors like not taking out the bathroom trash or leaving those nasty little hairballs that develop when your clothes are in the dryer all over the house. Or am I the only one who has that particular problem? The people with long hair surely know something about those little clumps that somehow form when your clothes are washed, and if you’re lucky they fall off the clothes before you put them away, if not they stay stuck there until you notice, which can just be gross. Anywho, I digress. I’m watching 500 Days of Summer, I still haven’t decided if I like this movie or not, and when Tom goes into his deep depression over Summer, I knew what I was going to blog about. Tom is much too old to let his breakup affect him enough to cause him to stop going to work and turn into a giant bum, but it’s love, so I’ll bite. What makes heartbreak so painful that for a little bit we just want to stop existing? I have no idea, but I understand that it freaking hurts and it does incapacitate you for a little while. It amazes me how much we can affect people, and this movie shows it, maybe on a ridiculously exaggerated level, but still, it does. So no matter how old we are, people will always be able to affect us. And, no, I’m not heartbroken, but this is a melancholy movie heartbreak I figured, why not? I do love that Tom’s little sister is someone he turns to for love advice and that she’s totally brazen. For those of you who have suffered heartbreak recently, I’m sorry, and remember, it does start to hurt less with time, although time is fickle and it can take longer than we want.

Thanks for reading!



P.S. The Lego Rancor is awesome, just so you guys know.

It was a simple choice.

I was wondering what I was going to blog about today when the Daily Prompt appeared in my news feed, and I found it interesting, so here goes. 

Daily Prompt: Captive’s Choice

How do you choose between an island, an unknown forest, and a locked building? Well I think that all depends on your comfort level with each and what the situation is.

They say the building is locked, but does it have windows? How tall is it? What else is in there? Is there food and water? How long do you have to stay there? All very relevant questions, though the it’s futile to ask because I don’t have the answers. I would not choose to be put in a locked building. Why? Because I don’t like feeling trapped and that would indeed feel like a trap. I don’t know anything about this building, if I could somehow get out I would easily pick that, but I don’t know if I can, it does say it’s locked so I assume windows would be out of the question, and even if there were windows, who knows how tall the building is. I don’t want to break out a window and then plummet to my death because I’m so high up. So, no locked building for me.

The idea of being on an island is equally, if not more terrifying. I read someone else’s post on this and they thought this would be ideal, when in fact, it would not be, at least not for me. I’m going to assume I’m left alone on this island, is it in the middle of the ocean? Maybe a lake? I might be able to deal with a lake, then people might find me. Being outside though on an island sounds lonely and quite like a sudden end should no one manage to find me before I perish from the elements. Is there fresh water? Food? Shelter? I don’t know enough about islands to say that I would be willingly dropped off on one.

Which brings us to an unknown forest. I think forests are the closest I will come to someone finding me, as well as survival. If you’re smart and you know what’s edible and what’s not, where to find drinking water that hopefully doesn’t have bacteria in it that will make you sick, and you have some sense of direction, you should be fine. As a small person I would take refuge in a tree at night or when I felt I was threatened, after all there is no shortage of trees. There will also be some protection from elements within trees, or caves, or maybe just a hole in the ground. There’s also a possibility of finding civilization, as well as warmer climates. If you know anything, you know that moss grows on the north sides of trees, so at least you could travel in one direction and not get stuck going in a circle, but if you know that you also know that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, so there’s a good marker. There’s also a chance you can navigate by stars, I can’t, I’m hopeless when it comes to that. I would most definitely choose to be dropped in an unknown forest because I believe it would offer me the best chance of survival, and if I did happen to die at the jaws of a hungry animal, at least it would probably be quick. Oh, and fun fact, the bark of Aspen trees has this powdery stuff on it that acts as sunscreen. So yes, I do feel much more prepared for this than the other unknown places I could be dropped.



P.S. I forgot to watch NCIS all day like I was thinking about.