Why post once, when you can post twice?

I just wrote a blog post and when I published it, there was no text. I’m not sure if this has to do with wordpress or with the fact that I was using Firefox, either way, it’s frustrating. It wasn’t a particularly interested post, but still. I think this probably qualifies as a first world problem. First world problems are an interesting topic, but I don’t have the energy to think about them right now, I was planning on going to bed, not that I’m doing much tomorrow. I’ll probably be emailing B, the online guy I briefly talked about, and also seeing clients, because that has to happen at some point. Did you know it’s sort of awkward blogging about a guy who reads your blog? I’m appreciative that he reads it, but it’s just sort of odd. I guess I blog about friends who read this, but I’ve known them forever and they understand me and how my brain works. Whatever, I’m glad that people read it and enjoy it, or just think I’m nuts and feel better about themselves because they won’t turn out to be a crazy cat lady. I bonded with someone, briefly, in Target today when she was telling her kids that she had just come in for this certain thing and now she had a cart full of stuff, I chuckled and told her I could relate. That’s basically how Target works though, it’s very hard to go in for something and not come out with extra stuff. Today I purchased 500 Days of Summer (it was $4.00, so why not?), celery, crunchy peanut butter (only to be used for grilled PB&Js, and dipping stuff), a roll of peacock wrapping paper, eye make up remover, and a pencil cup. Yeah, super fun day.



P.S. One of my close friends bought me a bunch of temporary tattoos (this was awhile ago), so I’m trying to use them up, which is funny because I have Spiderman, the Avengers, and sparkly ones.


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