Who cares?

I don’t mean that in an apathetic or bitter way. I mean, who in your life cares about you? Probably more people than you think. They may not want to hear about the fact that you’re lactose intolerant, or your cat hacked up a hairball in your slipper, or all the random things that happen throughout your day, but they care about you at a certain level. I used to babysit for this couple in high school, and occasionally do now, the wife always asks me about what’s going on in my life. I remember a few months after breaking up with M, I had just found out that he slept with this really nasty girl, and I started crying while I was babysitting. Well, apparently the girl told her mom, who called me after I left, just to make sure I was okay, and to tell me that no guy who hurts me like that is worth it. Yeah, we were broken up, but it was a good point to make. There are others in my life who do the same, though none that stand out in my memory as vividly as she does.

So if you’re feeling down and out, or like no one cares, remember there are people out there who care more than you think they do! I know that sounds cliche, but I have been there, and I remember that moment when she called me, and remember that maybe it’s true.



P.S. If you haven’t watched Ice Age in a while, you totally should, it’s hilarious.


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