When We Were Young

A lot of things were different when we were kids. We didn’t care if our hair looked like a disaster, or if our clothes matched, or any of those things we do as adults. Wasn’t that awesome? Yeah, small things sort of felt like tragedies, but there was something magical about the whole experience. I went through most of my childhood in pictures today, all film photographs, which is nice. There’s something that seems more permanent about film than digital, which is why I like to use it occasionally, though it is much more costly than film. Anyway, I miss being a kid, but I’m also looking forward to the future, whatever it may bring. Going through all the pictures of birthdays, vacations, Girl Scouts (yep, that happened), and all the random stuff I was involved in was awesome. I can’t believe my ridiculous hair styles and fashion, it’s sort of embarrassing. I also saw a lot of pictures of me with my best friend, which made me smile, because we’ve been friends since 2nd grade, so like 12 or 13 years, maybe 14, either way, a really long time. I’m glad I was blessed enough to find her and become her best friend. I also came across pictures of me showing alpacas. Wait, what? Alpacas? Yes, they’re closely related to camels, and look sort of like llamas, but more petite and fuzzier. That was a really fun thing to do, and I’m glad I got to do it. But what do you mean you showed them? I showed them in costume contests, yep you dress yourself and the alpaca up and compete, as well as obstacle courses. There a lot of memories packed into those pictures and I’m glad I was able to make them, and I think I need to look less surly in future pictures. 



P.S. The most exciting part of my day was when my parents brought home delicious beef barley stew from the Jewish deli they like to go to.


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