Can you feel the earth spinning?

If a child of mine asks that and is over the age of 15, I will act like they’re the only one who can’t feel the earth spinning, and because I will marry a man with the same sense of humor, he will go along with it. Seriously though, my kids will have an interesting childhood, not bad, just interesting. I don’t know exactly what it will be like yet, but I’m determined not to be one of those parents that plops their kid in front of technology constantly. 

Actually, the only reason I chose that title is because I’ve felt oddly dizzy all day and it’s not very much fun having the world skewed like that. Today was a long day, I woke up feeling crappy, but it was okay because I knew after work I would go see a client, visit my aunt’s cats, and go home to rest, probably by around 3 or 4, that didn’t happen. Sometimes I have a hard time working with people because people can’t be fixed against their will, they have to want to change something in their life, but in the IT world, where my mom works, things can be fixed because computers don’t have free will. Yes, it does sometimes seem as if technology has a mind of it’s own, especially those Furbys, but in reality it doesn’t think or feel, it doesn’t have to want to change. So anyway I didn’t get home until like 5:30, I know, I’m so needy and whiny sometimes, but I do feel like crap today. The client I had gone to see was not having a good day either, so we ended up talking for a long time, and then another client was having a school issue, so I had to try to figure that out. Normally I can go into a day with the mindset that I don’t know how the day might go because people are very unpredictable, and I can deal with changing situations, today was not one of those days. Today was one of those days I was miserable because I didn’t feel good and things didn’t go as planned, it was one of those days I get home and put a hoodie on and pull the hood up to block out the world. I am grateful things weren’t worse, but it wasn’t a good day, it wasn’t terrible though, just frustrating. Luckily I get tomorrow off, so I get to laze around the house, except to go see the cats and they don’t care if I wear sweats, I probably will be doing some stuff, but whatever. 

I’m terrified of growing up and facing real-world problems, but I’m also thankful for the clarity it brings to things going on, at least sometimes. I think overall, Americans tend to not face what is going on around them, and I am part of that, but I hope to one day get past that. Anywho… Enough of my rambling, I didn’t have much to say today, but I wanted to blog since I missed yesterday.



P.S. I’m starting to hoard craft supplies.


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