Men won the battle of the sexes when women started getting pee on toilet seats.

Seriously, how do you get pee on the toilet seat if you’re sitting down? And if you do somehow get it on the seat, how do you not notice? This shouldn’t be a problem. There was an email sent to all the women who work in my office addressing this issue, saying this had been going on for years and every time it was addressed it would be better, but only for a little while and then it would go back to being a problem. I thought, when I first starting working there, that the signs on the bathroom stalls, saying, “If you sprinkle when you tinkle, be a sweetie and wipe the seatie,” and, “Look behind you!!! Did you make a mess??? Clean it up!!! This is not optional!!!” didn’t actually mean that there were people there who had that problem. I’m not joking at all about those signs, it’s really kind of strange, but after working there for over a year and a half, I understand why they were put up. Fellow women, how in the world do you manage this? And why don’t you take care of it? Those of you who do this are the reason people use those weird paper toilet covers, without you, and germaphobes, we wouldn’t have those. Work out your issues with public restrooms, because you’re making the rest of us frustrated and disgusted, not to mention we look bad. I always hear women gripe about men getting pee on the seat, but if women are doing it too, where do we have room to judge? So there you are, a rant about nasty women making the world less comfortable and clean for the rest of us, who have to put up with icky toilet seats. Yes, I know toilet seats are icky anyway, but have you seen that study that says there are more germs on a public handrail than on a public toilet seat? Honestly, it doesn’t surprise me. What do our thighs/butts touch? Toilet seats and the inside of our pants, unless of course you wear super short shorts, in which case you need to stay home or put some more clothes on. What do our hands touch? Door knobs, other people, phones, our noses, our mouths, and a million other places. So it makes sense to me that toilet seats would have fewer germs than handrails. Again, ladies, it’s not that hard to not get pee on the seats when you go to the restroom.

I’m joking about the battle of the sexes part, because honestly, I don’t think there’s any real battle at all. Both sexes have their own attributes, and while some of those can be generalized, we are still our own person and cannot be completely dictated by the not-so-fine line between the sexes. I do think that women and men are not treated equally, but that’s a whole different discussion.



P.S. Watching GirlCode with my dad in the room is hilarious.


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