It was a simple choice.

I was wondering what I was going to blog about today when the Daily Prompt appeared in my news feed, and I found it interesting, so here goes. 

Daily Prompt: Captive’s Choice

How do you choose between an island, an unknown forest, and a locked building? Well I think that all depends on your comfort level with each and what the situation is.

They say the building is locked, but does it have windows? How tall is it? What else is in there? Is there food and water? How long do you have to stay there? All very relevant questions, though the it’s futile to ask because I don’t have the answers. I would not choose to be put in a locked building. Why? Because I don’t like feeling trapped and that would indeed feel like a trap. I don’t know anything about this building, if I could somehow get out I would easily pick that, but I don’t know if I can, it does say it’s locked so I assume windows would be out of the question, and even if there were windows, who knows how tall the building is. I don’t want to break out a window and then plummet to my death because I’m so high up. So, no locked building for me.

The idea of being on an island is equally, if not more terrifying. I read someone else’s post on this and they thought this would be ideal, when in fact, it would not be, at least not for me. I’m going to assume I’m left alone on this island, is it in the middle of the ocean? Maybe a lake? I might be able to deal with a lake, then people might find me. Being outside though on an island sounds lonely and quite like a sudden end should no one manage to find me before I perish from the elements. Is there fresh water? Food? Shelter? I don’t know enough about islands to say that I would be willingly dropped off on one.

Which brings us to an unknown forest. I think forests are the closest I will come to someone finding me, as well as survival. If you’re smart and you know what’s edible and what’s not, where to find drinking water that hopefully doesn’t have bacteria in it that will make you sick, and you have some sense of direction, you should be fine. As a small person I would take refuge in a tree at night or when I felt I was threatened, after all there is no shortage of trees. There will also be some protection from elements within trees, or caves, or maybe just a hole in the ground. There’s also a possibility of finding civilization, as well as warmer climates. If you know anything, you know that moss grows on the north sides of trees, so at least you could travel in one direction and not get stuck going in a circle, but if you know that you also know that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, so there’s a good marker. There’s also a chance you can navigate by stars, I can’t, I’m hopeless when it comes to that. I would most definitely choose to be dropped in an unknown forest because I believe it would offer me the best chance of survival, and if I did happen to die at the jaws of a hungry animal, at least it would probably be quick. Oh, and fun fact, the bark of Aspen trees has this powdery stuff on it that acts as sunscreen. So yes, I do feel much more prepared for this than the other unknown places I could be dropped.



P.S. I forgot to watch NCIS all day like I was thinking about.


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