You’re too old for that stuff.

We hear this a lot, don’t we? We hear it about Legos and Disney movies, we also hear it about behaviors like not taking out the bathroom trash or leaving those nasty little hairballs that develop when your clothes are in the dryer all over the house. Or am I the only one who has that particular problem? The people with long hair surely know something about those little clumps that somehow form when your clothes are washed, and if you’re lucky they fall off the clothes before you put them away, if not they stay stuck there until you notice, which can just be gross. Anywho, I digress. I’m watching 500 Days of Summer, I still haven’t decided if I like this movie or not, and when Tom goes into his deep depression over Summer, I knew what I was going to blog about. Tom is much too old to let his breakup affect him enough to cause him to stop going to work and turn into a giant bum, but it’s love, so I’ll bite. What makes heartbreak so painful that for a little bit we just want to stop existing? I have no idea, but I understand that it freaking hurts and it does incapacitate you for a little while. It amazes me how much we can affect people, and this movie shows it, maybe on a ridiculously exaggerated level, but still, it does. So no matter how old we are, people will always be able to affect us. And, no, I’m not heartbroken, but this is a melancholy movie heartbreak I figured, why not? I do love that Tom’s little sister is someone he turns to for love advice and that she’s totally brazen. For those of you who have suffered heartbreak recently, I’m sorry, and remember, it does start to hurt less with time, although time is fickle and it can take longer than we want.

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P.S. The Lego Rancor is awesome, just so you guys know.


One thought on “You’re too old for that stuff.

  1. I still remember when they took away my armymen. I was busy creating stories with them, “they” thought I was just playing. Oh how wrong they were! I was writing novels within my mind, chapter after wonderful chapter…as my poor 6th grade teacher found out when he said there was NO PAGE LIMIT to our short stories. I wrote mine from the pages of my mind, from playing with the armymen….all 23 pages back and front.
    I say that to say this: no one should ever take away any child’s toys- not games- but toys, until it is time. We do not know what they are really doing.

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