What does your life look like to me?

I was at work today, filing, as per usual, and I wondered what my life looks like to other people. I know they say that we only see the parts of other people’s lives that they want us to see, and in general that’s true, and they’re pretty good glimpses, which can be dangerous to compare our “behind the scenes” parts of our lives to.

So what does the stage of your life look like to other people? What do you present to people in person, on Facebook, on Twitter, on the phone, or anywhere else you frequent? 

My life probably looks pretty good. I have a job that pays fairly well for what I’m doing, I’m in my last semester of college (for now), my parents are still together, I have a decent car, I have an internship that’s full of good experiences, I go to church fairly regularly, I have an okay social life, I don’t have to pay rent, I’m fairly attractive (in my opinion) and overall my life is pretty good. I do agree that my life is pretty good, but people don’t see past the dazzling lights and clever, or maybe not so clever, facade that I put up. It’s always possible that they do, because let’s be honest, I have no control over my facial expressions and I don’t hide things well sometimes. So yeah, my life looks good on the outside, but I do struggle with things. I struggle with my “what ifs”, the fact that I have to become an adult sometime, whether I’m competent, what I need in my faith journey, what I don’t need in life, basically there’s a lot of internal stuff that happens in my mind, which is definitely a good thing. Now, struggle is definitely a natural thing, what really gets me though, is when I compare my life to other people’s. Oh, she’s engaged, and you’re single? Let’s feel bad about that. She has a full time job and is self-sufficient? What is wrong with you? Wow, she knows how to put on makeup and actually seem desirable to guys? Let’s try to fabricate that illusion, and yes, I do think on some level it is an illusion. So I have to remind myself of all the good things that go on in my life, which are numerous and I’ve started blogging about, as well as putting in a jar daily.  

So think about what your life looks like to everyone else and remember that you see their on stage show, while they see yours, so it’s not just you thinking that people have more glamorous, or exciting, or awesome lives than you. 



P.S. Tea is a very exciting part of my life. 


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