A world without music.

I’m sure there are a billion other things with that same title, but hey, I can only be so creative. Did you know that if you’re tired or slightly tipsy it’s easier to be creative because both of those lower inhibitions and let your brain get past all those things that block creativity? You should pay attention to that next time you’re tired, there is actually a difference, at least in my brain there is. I can’t say whether alcohol makes me more creative or not, I think it mostly makes me tired, but not the creative-tired, just tired. Anyway, that was a whole different topic than I started with. I was listening to the Frozen soundtrack in the car today, I’ve done that a lot lately, and I realized that there’s a whole lot of music in movies that I don’t pay attention to. I don’t know if I’m the only one who doesn’t notice most of the music in movies unless it has lyrics, but that’s how my brain works. There are only 9 or 10 songs on the soundtrack that have people singing, the rest of the 32 songs are all instrumental. Listening to those instrumental songs though, I can feel the emotions that I felt during the movie, and I can tell what part of the movie they were in because of how they sound and how much tension and gaiety are in them. I didn’t notice the music during the movie, but driving I was able to feel how much would’ve been left out if those songs hadn’t been in the movie. Now, I’m not musical at all, I can play the singing bowl and that’s about it, so I’m not any sort of music critic or great at picking out certain instruments or anything like that, I mean I missed the majority of the Frozen soundtrack during the movie, and didn’t notice it until I bought the actual soundtrack and listened to it. I can’t imagine the world without music, and those who are talented in that area, so I’m not going to even try, because it would be devastating. So thank you, those of you who can sing, play instruments, and write songs, because the world would be empty without you. 

Sometimes when I’m having a problem I like to evaluate it for it’s “first world problem” potential. I think that a world without music would be a problem for everyone, but where there’s a will, there’s a way, right? I’m pretty sure music will be around for a very long time, for which I am grateful, because there’s so much that can be conveyed through it.



P.S. I’ve never really liked cheesecake very much, so I’m glad my lactose intolerance gives me an excuse to not eat it without people giving me weird looks because they think I’m crazy.


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