Maybe there’s a reason I get mistaken for a 12-year-old.

I was just singing Do You Wanna Build a Snowman to my mom when she told me that a Frozen sing-along movie is going to be out in theaters. Oh. My. Goodness. I cannot tell you how exciting that is! After singing along to the soundtrack in my car for days and weeks on end, I can join other people who love it as much as I do?!? We’ll see if I actually end up going, but still, this is super exciting. I’ve never heard of anything like that before, so I might actually try to go!

Really, that’s all I have to blog about unless I complain about the weather or work or how blood oranges creep me out. Seriously, blood oranges freak me out, because oddly enough, they actually look blood red, and maybe it would be better if they didn’t have that name, but also maybe not, who knows? They’re weird and super red, but pretty tasty. So yeah, that is my life at the moment, not too much going on that needs to be blogged about. I got invited to the party where they’ll be screening the second episode of Firefly, so I’m excited about that, I’ll be able to see my new friend again. We’re both pretty busy with school and stuff, so I haven’t seen her since the last party. This time I can drink, though I’m not likely to, so that’s interesting. You know how after you throw up you’re sort of put off from whatever food it was that you threw up even though you know it’s not the cause of it? Yeah, that’s how I feel about alcohol at the moment. I also can’t eat cashews, chili cheese Fritos, or orange soda. The combination of chili cheese Fritos and orange soda is gross enough when you’re eating it, it’s worse when it comes back up. I also have a no seafood in Nebraska policy, which is pretty strict. Both times I have eaten seafood in Nebraska I have thrown up, so I don’t eat seafood there any more, not that I’m there a lot, or ever really, but still. 

The more you know!



P.S. My name is M, I’m a college student, and I kill trees. Seriously, I print so many papers and online lectures and whatnot, I need to figure out the best way to recycle it all is. 


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