My brain doesn’t know where my heart is when I’m looking in the mirror.

I know, my blog titles are getting stranger and stranger, but whatever. I was getting ready for work the other day and for some reason I was trying to figure out where my heart was and I was looking in the mirror, and for a moment I thought it was on my right side, obviously I was wrong. Anyway, that got me thinking about more metaphorical hearts, the heart that we have that loves our best friends, is touched by Disney movies, is awed by the vastness of the night sky, is sad when reading about a beloved character’s death. We don’t see that heart, unless we know the person of course. But what if we could? I guess to an extent we can in how people dress, whether they have a Harry Potter t-shirt on, are going to see Frozen with their mom, maybe they’re just sitting in a park enjoying the beauty, but for the most part, we just see people we don’t know doing things that only pertain to them and have no bearing in our lives. But, again, what if we could? What would that look like? I think it would be beautiful, and painful, in the way that the cold of the snow stings your skin when you’re outside on a cold winter’s night, or the way you feel when you look back on past relationships and you’re glad you learned that lesson, but man, it hurt, or whatever it is that makes you feel something so passionately that it’s almost an ache, and I think sometimes it is an actual ache. I don’t know how you can physically feel something that is affecting you emotionally, that’s just crazy to me, but whatever, I digress. I’m not talking so much about everyone’s secret hearts where they hide their fears and anxieties and what not, just about what makes that person feel something. What if we saw people’s hearts like mini weather systems around them? In that cloud there would be books, music, people, animals, toys, movies, clothes, hobbies, and a whole bunch of other things in their bubble, just floating around, like a mirage, because really, a physical thing would be kinda weird, not that this wouldn’t be weird, but it would be less weird.

What would your heart look like?

What would mine look like? 

Would we still talk to other people? It’s not like we talk to strangers very often now, though more often than I realize. I know I blog a lot about how people see us, but I think it’s something important to think about, not because you need to change yourself, just so you can know yourself and accept all those little quirks that make you the person you are.



P.S. I really enjoy the Christmas robot wrapping paper I bought.


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