How do you fall in love?

You always here people talking about falling in love, with a man, with a woman, with the world, with God, you name it. I struggle with the concept of what love is and what falling in love is and what all of those mean in my life, yes, I’m a twenty one year old female talking about love, what else is new in the world? One of the main things I struggle with is the concept of falling in love and loving God in a healthy, productive, amazing way. So, how do we fall in love? I would say just by getting to know people. Wait, but how do you get to know God? That is an excellent question, and I would say one way would be through reading the Bible, because even though it was written by humankind and is in their interpretation, obviously it’s not totally off the wall. I think the other way is through the people around us. I think they can show us the good and the bad, so we can see God’s grace and practice our own very flawed human version of that. Now, all this is good in theory, but I’m still very much working on this.

Being in the city it’s hard to find God in every day things, because I connect the beauty of nature with God a lot, and there’s not so much nature is the city, thus bringing me to the challenge of finding God here. Do I find him in people? Yes, I suppose I do, in my housemates, my coworkers, and all the people I work with on a daily basis. Where else do I find God? I have no idea yet, it’s really hard to find God in the midst of Washington, DC. All this to say that it’s very hard to fall in love and to love someone properly and I’m still figuring all that out, in due time. I also need to learn to love myself properly, because that’s just hard. I mean, yeah, most of the time I think I’m great, but when I think about my skills and my worth as a person I sometimes just get scared, so still figuring that out too.

I’m feeling a little less than creative at the moment, so that’s all for now.



P.S. Thanks for all of you young people who voted in the most recent elections! You rock and I’m so glad you’re involved! For those of you who didn’t, please do so during the next elections, it’s really important that the younger generation be involved or the old white men will continue to be assholes and take rights away from marginalized populations.