A New Year, A New You

Hi all,

I hope you all had an amazing Wednesday, or at least made it through.

I’m trying to get back into the habit of blogging once a day, or at the very least once a week, that does leave me with a large amount of material to cover, and some days I don’t feel super inspired, so I was thinking I would pick a quote from one of my Pinterest boards and write about what it means to me and why it speaks to me. And, no, this doesn’t have anything to do with the new year.

“There is no statute of limitations on starting over. Re-invent yourself every day. Be the girl who walks barefoot and listens to the blues. Tomorrow, wear a trench coat and speak fierce truths. Be a phoenix. Be ashes. Burn down. Resurrect. Let go of the idea that you must always be who you have always been.”

I’m not sure where exactly this originated from, like I said, I found it on Pinterest. I did find somewhere that said Coalsuns, whoever that is, is to be credited for it. Whoever wrote it, I appreciate your words and how they resound within my soul.

I have never really had a style of dress, or not one that people distinctly associate me with, and sometimes I struggle with that. I have many friends who do have their own style of dress, and when I see something I think they would wear I instantly think of them. One of my closest friends is on the border line of hipster and casually classy, and it’s amazing! I absolutely adore her style, but I could never pull it off the way she does. I generally wear a t-shirt and jeans because that’s what I’m comfortable in, but it’s a pretty mundane style that doesn’t draw attention to me. I do have the clothes I rarely wear, like a trench coat or some big, black boots. Sometimes I’ll wear makeup and do my hair and wear high heels, and sometimes I’ll wear leggings and a pull over, but mostly I’m pretty unadventurous and wear my plain old t-shirt and jeans. I like trying a different style, because it’s a part of me that isn’t the part that wants to be invisible and that wants to not draw attention to herself. I dress for me when I try a different look, I don’t dress for anybody else.

This quote has so much more to do with dressing differently though. It inspires me to be me, in all my weirdness, and to not regret the decisions I’ve made in my life. I am a new person every day, I might not feel like it, but we’re constantly learning and changing. There are 24 hours in which a person interacts with the world around them, and in those 24 hours all kinds of things can change. Every day might not feel different, trust me, I know they don’t, but they are. We have so many opportunities to re-invent ourselves and to decide who we really want to be. I don’t want to be a pessimist. Is that something I have total control over? No, I don’t, but I can change my thinking and my initial reactions to situations. One of the best examples is how I view other women. I grew up in a protestant church, where premarital sex is viewed as a sin, so that’s how I viewed it for a long time. As a result of that view point, I had a hard time reacting positively to my sexual urges, which are totally natural. Another byproduct of that is my view of women, and men, who weren’t in committed relationships and were having sex, I viewed them as sluts or manwhores. As I grew and learned, particularly through college and my volunteer year, I became a feminist and as a feminist I have to respect many of the choices my peers make, even if I would not necessarily make those choices myself. I still constantly have to correct my thinking when I see a woman with a man and my mind automatically assumes she sleeps around. I don’t do it just with women, but I tend to pick up on that more than I do with men.

I am re-inventing myself every day. I want to be kinder and more compassionate, I want to be bolder and more adventurous, and I just want to be the best self I can be, with all of my different facets and quirks.



P.S. My favorite thing about working at Target is the people watching. One day a little girl was talking to her mom about whether she wanted to look at toys or food and she says, “food is better than toys”. I heartily agree with her.